Using social media to help with caregiving.

I am spoke at the Triangle Caregivers Conference in Durham and Raleigh in June about ways to use social media to help with caregiving. You can go to the Triangle Caregivers Association to download the presentation and my notes. 

Summary of the topic.

Using social media to help with caregiving. 

Like many caregivers, I have found solace and support on social media. In this course we will explore ways to find the right social media networks for your situation and how to use social media to find caregivers with similar interests. At the end, we will provide tips for online tools which will help with the day-to-day management of caregiver tasks.

  1. Finding your voice: identifying the right social media channels for you. Here we will go through an overview of some of the social media networks caregivers are using and talk about the way caregivers are currently using them. Participants will have an opportunity to self identify the ones that make sense for them. We will not go into social media 101 training since it is likely most participants will have experience using at least one social media channel. Instead, this will help them see that there are other networks they can use as well.
  2. Finding your community: identifying groups that have people with similar needs. Here we will go though a few example of caregiver networks that currently exist and give tips for finding the networks that will work for each of the caregivers.
  3. Looking to collaborate: identifying the appropriate online collaboration tools for you and your support group. Most caregivers are overwhelmed. They have people who want to help, but the helpers don't know what to do, and the caregiver is too overwhelmed to help find a way to involve them. We'll go through a few online collaboration tools that can help with the day-to-day management. 

Many thanks to ALZNC, Transitions LifeCare and Guiding Lights Caregiver Support Center for inviting me to do the talk and congratulations on a wonderful conference.