Examining Working Memory Capabilities of Individuals With and Without Language Impairment.

I have an interest in identifying 18 to 22 year-olds for a potential research study on Working Memory.

I'm Virginia.

I'm a digital strategist and communications professional. I am currently obtaining an Master’s of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Tennessee. 

I work with individuals to help them understand how they can communicate better. 




I’m a soon-to-be Speech-Language Pathologist with 20+ years experience working in digital communications. As a result, I am uniquely qualified to help individuals communicate with those most important to them.

  • Will be graduating in, May 2019, with the Aural Habilitation and Rehabilitation concentration.

  • Focusing on adults with acquired disabilities and those going through a transition.

  • Examining working memory for individuals with and without language impairment.

  • Speaking throughout the US on digital trends and life topics.

  • Wrangling stakeholders to see a common vision.

  • Building collaborative teams.

  • Building communities around an idea.

  • Positioning on the web.


Current inspiration

I write a blog which includes essays on our culture and updates on current collaborations. 
On the blog you’ll find an occasional playful story as well.