I'm Virginia.

I'm a digital strategist and communications professional. 

I work with clients to help them understand how they are different from their competitors and help them communicate through digital channels. 

When completing assignments, I work as an independent consultant or create collaborative teams.

My clients and collaborators are all over the world and I'm all over the internet. A few social places you'll find me:



  • Positioning companies for growth on the web.
  • Building communities around new brands.
  • Refining messaging for concise, targeted communications.
  • Writing useful content for national and international sites.
  • Wrangling stakeholders to see a common vision.
  • Making social media efforts measurable and meaningful.
  • Building collaborative teams.
  • Speaking throughout the US on digital trends and life topics.
  • Training staff at advertising agencies on evolving digital principles.


Hire me to

create a vision and give you the tools to put that vision to work:

  • Create a plan for a digital transformation.
  • Build a marketing or communications plan.
  • Improve your social media efforts.
  • Better understand your audience.
  • Help you identify staff for your digital or marketing team.
  • Write content for your website or blog.
  • Train your team.
  • Speak at your event.


Current inspiration

I write a blog which includes playful pieces, essays on our culture and updates on current collaborations.