Focus on Business Radio Show: Website Design and the Customer Experience

I've had a partnership with Cuberis since 2013. When Ray, the founder of the company, got the opportunity to be interviewed for Lea Strickland's radio show, he gladly handed the reigns to me (knowing I adore being on the radio). I wrote a summary of the show for the Cuberis blog, but there were a few other things that stuck with me after doing the show:

The importance of a great host

A talented host can make the conversation flow and the time fly. I enjoyed chatting with Lea; she does a great job of making her guests feel at home. A few radio shows worth listening to:

The FCC helped me get my first job

I started DJing in 1994 when I was a freshman at UNCG. In 1996 the FCC deregulated telecommunications. This did two things.

  1. It meant I was unlikely to make any money if I pursued a career in radio.
  2. It opened the door for companies like Prism Communication Services; my first employer and the first DSL company in NYC. 

Radio is the reason I love the internet

Because I was routinely on the radio in my formative years, I got used to broadcasting my thoughts to the world. I also got used to not caring what people thought when I voiced an unpopular belief.

Many thanks to Lea Strickland for including me on her radio show last week and giving me the opportunity to reflect on my first media love. 

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