Over the weekend People published a profile on Stephanie Thomas, a stylist who works to make disability-friendly clothing more accessible.

Stephanie curates a site called Cur8able which features clothing and lifestyle items that make life easier for people with disabilities. 

cur8able, pronounced (cure-eight-uh-bul) is all about curing fashion woes for people with disabilities, by curating clothing and lifestyle products that are accessible /smart/ stylish.

Stephanie has a blog, a podcast and creates a look book featuring disability friendly clothing that can be purchased at major outlets like H&M, Forever21 and Target. 


Here's an overview of her weekly podcast. 


For example, on her April Podcast Stephanie interviews Christa de Wit from Chairmelotte, a couture fashion line, based in the Netherlands, for people in wheelchairs. Christa discusses her origin story, her goals for Chairmelotte and her favorite pieces. 

Additional podcasts highlight:

Great stuff!


Stephanie's blog highlights press, things she is working on, items of clothing she finds in mainstream outlets and highlights designers who are designing for people who aren't generally the target audience. The cover photo for this article is the work of Lucy Jones, a Parson's design student who was highlighted in Fashionista

Follow Stephanie on Twitter and keep an eye on her blog and podcasts.