Mess Around.

Neither one of my parents are big fans of music. Sure, they like it, but it wasn't something they would spend their money on. We spent most of our family car trips listening to talk radio or chatting, occasionally listening to whatever music station the car happened to be tuned in to.

Occasionally there would be a single CD or tape in the car that would get worn out.  We listened to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and Whitney Houston a lot in the 80's but there was no clear soundtrack in our family car for the 90's - probably because we gained our vehicle independence from our parents in the early/mid 90's.

In the late 00's and early 10's we spent more time in Charlotte driving our parent's cars and taking little trips with them. At the time my dad was crazy about a Ray Charles album. When he wasn't listening to talk radio, he was wearing that album out. At some point mom rescued the album from dad's car and today, when she needs a pick-me-up while driving, you'll find her bellowing the lyrics to Mess Around and I Gotta Woman. We gladly join in. 

Today would be my mom and dad's 45th(!!!) wedding anniversary. In honor of their relationship, here's Ray Charles performing the very upbeat Mess Around.  

And I Gotta Woman


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