The letter G: Listen to the Sirens + Head Over Heels + The Knife + Feel Good Inc.

It's a snowy day so you're getting 4 songs today.

Every once in a while I am a sucker for a good Facebook brain teaser. This one is all about bands of a certain letter. My pal Adam Cohen assigned me the letter G.    


Band I've seen live:
Gary Numan 

I saw him in NYC at Irving Plaza (around 2000) and in Asheville at Mountain State Electronic Music Festival (in 2013). He has more feelings than you'd expect from a robot, but his show DOES NOT disappoint. Swoon. Listen to the Sirens is probably my favorite Gary Numan/Tubeway Army song. I still can't believe it is from a debut album.  


Band I haven't seen (but wish I had):
The Go-Go's. Or Genesis (with Peter Gabriel).

Who wasn't crazy for The Go-Go's in the 80's? 


It would be crazy to see Genesis with Peter Gabriel as the front man. It's very different than the Genesis or the Peter Gabriel we're used to. 


Band (or musician) I love:

There will be new Gorillaz in 2016! Yes!!


Band (or musician) I don't really like:
Kenny G 

Hate is a really strong word, so I am going to go with band I don't really like. Sorry Kenny G, you're just not my style. But I appreciate the way you've been rocking along making the music you love for years. 


I'll assign you a letter if you want to play along.


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