Only in dreams.

In 1994 I graduated from high school and started college. It was a pivotal year. It was also the year Weezer came out with the Blue album. The Blue album and Pinkerton were both soundtracks to my college years. The albums were perfect. My friends and I had the albums in our regular rotations, screaming the lyrics to each other while swearing Weezer was the best band that ever existed. 

Here I am singing Weezer with Jeremy Layne in 1998.

I have enough distance now to know that Weezer might not be the best band in the whole world. I'm not sure all of their songs will withstand the test of time but I will go to my deathbed swearing Only In Dreams IS one of the best songs that has ever existed. 

It's still in my rotation today. Here's evidence of me singing Weezer with Jeremy Layne in 2014. 

And yes, I am wearing pants. They're red. I'm not sure why people actually think I would go to the bar, at 38, not wearing pants. 

So take a quick break and turn the speakers up real loud while you sing along. I'll be belting it out at my house, too. 


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