Get ur freak on.

I've been enjoying the 2015 resurgence of Missy Elliot.


Get Ur Freak On was used in the This Girl Can campaign. 

This empowering video shows badass women athletes. The video is a celebration of what people do. It celebrates strength instead of pointing out weakness. The messaging really resonates with me as I'm working my *ss off to become an athlete


I screamed like a little girl when she popped on stage during the Super Bowl, thrilled to watch her perform. Since I've never seen her live, an unexpected Super Bowl appearance was a major award. 

Since the Super Bowl, she's been really fun to observe on Twitter. You can't help rooting for her. 


So, what does this resurgence look like online?

Her most popular tweets are all within 24 hours of the Super Bowl.

 Data source Twitonomy.

Data source Twitonomy.


She started topping all the iTunes and Google Play Charts.


People affiliated with her are benefiting as she proudly promotes them and credits them for their great work. 


She extends her graciousness to her fans. 

And everyone online started talking about her. Check out her mentions on Google Trends.



As one of the most prolific female rappers in history, it's really fun to see her get all of this attention. 

Let's watch a video to celebrate. 


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