La vie en rose.

As a kid I loved Louis Armstrong so much that my six grade teacher forbid me from doing any more projects on him. I was obsessed.

This love lent itself to a healthy obsession with New Orleans. On our first trip to New Orleans I was O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with going to Louis Armstrong Park and would swoon whenever I would hear any of the street musicians play a Louis Armstrong song. I'd gleefully give them a generous tip -- generous by 8th grade standards. 

To celebrate Fat Tuesday here's my favorite Louis Armstrong song. (My sister walked me down the aisle to this song when Ariel and I got married.) 


I'm currently having the Best Morning Ever (tm) listening to Louis Armstrong, eating King's cake and drinking Cafe Du Monde coffee. I love a good cliche. 

 My Fat Tuesday Breakfast.

My Fat Tuesday Breakfast.


I enjoy writing about music and its influence on our culture. Here are a few articles you may enjoy. 

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