When writing about music for several days in a row you realize how inadequate your words are for describing what you love about a song. I know I'll never be a music critic based on this feeling. But then again, it's hard to be a critic when you really love music

Anyways, San Fermin is releasing their sophomore album this spring. The first track they've released is a gem. It's a hauntingly beautiful tale about bees. There is a beautiful interplay between the male and female voices and all of the instruments in the song. It's playful yet still refined.

I have no other words.

You're just gonna have to trust me on this one. 


This post is a part of a music-related 30x30 where I am writing about a song everyday for 30 days. Read about all the songs in the Music #30x30 or my previous 30x30 which focused on my writing. A few highlights from each are below. 

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