Buckle up, Virginia!

I travel a lot for work (and for fun). I live near a tiny airport and am often traveling to a place where I will need a car so I drive to most of my destinations. In August, I covered five states while traveling for work and for pleasure.

 Planned and unplanned travel for August 2014.

Planned and unplanned travel for August 2014.

Many people consider this sort of travel a burden. I do not. I've set-up my life so I can work from just about anywhere, with anyone. Sure there are stressful weeks, but overall I've found this nomadic lifestyle works for me. 

My dad travelled a lot, for work, when I was a kid. He'd often bring my mom, sister and I along for the ride. My sister and I embraced the travel. We'd pile into the backseat of the car with tons of Barbies, schoolwork and our walkmen and entertain each other. I'd often fall asleep in the car but I *insisted* my parents wake me whenever we crossed into a new state. 

Those years of travel left a permanent mark. When traveling, I frequently stop to see sights along the way Instagramming and Foursquare/Swarming my activities as I go. I don't do it to make others jealous, I do it for myself. I enjoy revisiting the photos and reliving the minutiae of my day-to-day life.

A few snapshots from the road

Photos and captions are from Instagram. 




Those photos suck

I know. The photos are nothing remarkable, but they make me happy. 

The Gaffney Peach makes me think of a funny story my dad liked. The photo of truck nuts made Ileana laugh. The shots of the mountains make me appreciate where I live.

I get something out of every photo I take.

In August, I stopped at a rest area to take a photo of the Virginia Welcome Sign. While taking the photo, I was thinking about how much I *loved* seeing state signs on family road trips.

 Virginia welcome sign.

Virginia welcome sign.

While taking the photo a mini-van pulled up beside me. A man jumped out of the car and took a photo of the sign. I could see the car was packed with people and suitcases; perhaps a family returning from a family vacation. 

As I walked up to the rest area, I saw the same family taking photos at the Love sign. There was a bluegrass band playing and handwritten signs welcoming you to the visitors center at the rest area. Everyone at the rest area seemed genuinely happy on their brief stop. 




We long for exotic vacations and money to buy the things we desire, but the best memories are often made when you make the best out of the mundane parts of life.

Instead of criticizing people for "overusing" technology and social networks, let's celebrate how we're finding small moments noteworthy and celebrating what is in front of us.

Maybe one day I'll have kids. And maybe those kids will have kids. In 2050 someone might spend 15 minutes looking at my life. To me, that makes all my crappy documenting worth it.  

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