Elvis Costello.

Last night I had the great pleasure of watching Elvis Costello perform at the beautiful Tennessee Theater in Knoxville. The show was a real treat. It was just Elvis and an amplified acoustic guitar. No Attractions. No back-up band. Nothing. 

His voice sounds amazing and he charmingly walked us through stories from his past with a sense of humor and modesty. He performed three sets and invited his opening act, Larkin Poe, to perform with him on a few of the songs. 

Since he played solo many of the songs you know by heart sounded refreshingly new. A few favorites from the show. 



Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

He also played delightful surprises like Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by the Shirelles. 


Veronica was Elvis' highest charting song in the US and my introduction into Elvis. In 1989 I knew the song was about an elderly woman, but I found it playful and fun; a celebration of a woman's life. Now, with a family member with dementia the song still has the carefree tune, but has a much deeper meaning. I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to the song again without volleying back and forth between happiness and sadness.  

Watch the video, and listen to his introduction and closing remarks. 

25 years later we still don't know much more about what is happening inside the brain of someone with dementia, but Elvis has a nice way of enjoying the moments you have. In the intro Elvis says, "so you just sit there, and bounce around the years with her."