My summer reading and listening list.

I guess I was a nerd when I was growing up. I wasn't too into athletics and I spent most of my free time buried in books. Or talking. I do like to talk. Every summer the school system would release 5-6 books as suggested summer reading for students. I always read them all and picked up a few more from the recommendations list for the other grades, easily polishing off 1-3 books per week. 

I can no longer read 1-3 books a week, but I still enjoy a good summer reading list. The fine folks at Cuberis put together a reading list to help folks stay inspired this summer. I contributed a few selections.  

Overview of my selections from the Cuberis blog

 Virginia's recommendations from the Cuberis reading list. 

Virginia's recommendations from the Cuberis reading list. 

My list is a mixture of the types of things I am interested in.

The Shallows is about how the internet is shaping our brains. I have an insatiable interest in how technology is shaping us and our interactions with others. Oh, and Alisa recommended it and she's got great taste. She leant this book to me almost a year ago. I spent so much time on the Internet, ruining my brain, I haven't had time to read it. I give myself until June 30 to finish it.

Get Lucky helps people recognize luck as serendipity. I consider myself a lucky person - it seems advantageous to see how I can make luck work for me at work! I've known of Lane Becker for a while (we're both SXSW enthusiasts) but I saw him speak about getting lucky at the Triangle AMA's High Five conference in Raleigh this past February. I'm going to work on making some serendipity happen for me.

I picked up American Myths and Legends on a trip to Arizona last year. It was a great trip. I like to look at the way people tell stories to understand how people communicate. These myths and legends have travelled through time, culture and transcended through visual and oral storytelling to live in a written form today. This book will be a great way to immerse myself in stories that aren't over told in popular culture. 

I'm a music nerd and find the summer soundtrack is an essential part of the summer so I included the Hopscotch Music Festival on my list. As a attendee in the past, I've been inspired by the curation of bands. I'm pretty well-schooled in music but I always find a few new bands on the Hopscotch list that become favorites. For a sample of the performances, here is Future Islands performing Tin Man on the main stage in 2013. 

City Plaza stage in Raleigh, NC Hopscotch 2013

Put a few on your summer soundtrack so you'll be ready to go when the festival comes to Raleigh in early September. I've recommended the Jacuzzi Boys in the past and continue to recommend them (those guys are hilarious on Instagram, too). But you should also check out Spoon, EagullsDe La Soul, Sun Kil Moon, Jamie XX, Thurston Moore, Phosphorescent, Diarrhea Planet (their name always makes me cringe), Valient Thorr, Tow3rs and St Vincent. I've seen St Vincent perform live and I can guarantee her performance will be talked about later. Did you see her Saturday Night Live performance??

The rest of the Cuberis team has selections that are just as interesting. The list should keep us all busy for a few months. Go to the Cuberis Summer Reading List Board on Pinterest to see the full reading list, and pin the selections you find interesting.