3 things to do this summer to finish 2014 like a rockstar.

People give a lot of advice, particularly as it relates to branding, marketing and life hacking. I don't want to give advice without showing that I am doing it, too. Soooo, if I am helping people get back on track with their goals, I have to do the same.

Without further ado, here are my updates to my goals based on the plan I put together. 


I recommend you read the article on the Cuberis site, and then come back here to see how I'm performing. 



1. Do a self assessment.

Self-assessments are hard. In order to do a really effective one, you have to be honest with yourself. I started by making a list of what I have accomplished that I am proud of, then I looked at areas for improvement.

So what did I find? Let's look at my challenges in the three categories I listed in the article.

Things you know you can accomplish

These things aren't goals, but things I know I need to do to maximize my performance.  

  • Updated website. I needed to update the look and feel of my website so it better reflects who I am and what I do. New site launched today!! Goal completed!!
  • Content marketing and distribution plan. I needed to formalize, and write down, my content marketing plan. I wrote a stub earlier in the year but as the year is progressing I am producing more content for more sites and organizations. I needed to formalize my plan for what I discuss on what site and how frequently. I'm still finalizing this, but you'll see more changes over the rest of the year. 

Things that will be hard to accomplish, but you might be able to

  • Visit South Africa. I'd love to see two of my most frequent collaborators in South Africa while they live an adventure.

Things that are outside of your control

  • Traveling by plane. I've found life hacks for most problems related to work, but I am still looking for hacks when traveling by plane. I've had two flights cancelled on me this year. Though the impact to my schedule was minimal, I want to figure out to travel, by plane, like a million-miler. 

2. Look at your end of year goals.

This was easy for me to accomplish. I never wrote down my 2014 goals, I just knew what I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. Reading the article on creating "systems" helped me put things together in a way that made sense. I now have more formalized systems for meeting my goals. 

3. Look at your website analytics. 

I routinely look at the analytics for virginiaingram.com and have tracking goals set-up inside Google Analytics. I set up a few additional goals and considered updating my tracking code to capture the demographic information Google is currently tracking. Upon further reflection, I've decided against tracking the demographic information at this time. 


My goal was to make the newsletter as useful as possible and I was pleased to see 83% of the newsletter clicks were to my article.