The McNabb Center: Inside mental illness, addiction and social changes.

This morning I attended a networking event to celebrate the 65th birthday of the Helen Ross McNabb Center. With 21 facilities in East Tennessee, the McNabb Center helps children, adults and families with addiction, mental illness and social challenges. 

At the breakfast they spoke of some of the new projects including a two new facilities dedicated to helping Veterans. 

A video overview of the impact of the Helen Ross McNabb Center. The McNabb center is celebrating 65 years of service this year.

Brain Pickings, who is always timely with their posts even when we are looking at things that are not making the mass news of the day, has posted a few beautiful photos from the photo book Asylum by Christopher Payne

In the post Maria Popova reminds us  

What’s most peculiar about those asylums is that they...began with the idea of “moral treatment” wherein the ill would be removed from the city and placed in these Utopian environments, many of which were fully self-sufficient and even generated their own electricity, and put to meaningful work.
— Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

The asylums in the book are now defunct leaving behind fragments of what they were. 

We have to support facilities like the McNabb Center if we want to ensure the people who need help get the help they need. I applaud the McNabb Center for their 65 years of service, and for taking the time to share their news on a roadshow. Read more about the McNabb Center and their services in East Tennessee.

Many thanks to the McNabb Center for sharing your joy with us today and to Carrie Owens for inviting me to the breakfast this morning

P.S., I'm also impressed with the McNabb Center's responsiveness on Twitter.