Scope: End the awkward campaign.

Earlier this month Scope (the disability organization in the UK, not the mouthwash company in the US) put out a campaign to help deal with the awkwardness we sometimes feel around people with disabilities. 

It's really good.

Here are the three commercials from the campaign:

How do I shake a hand that isn't there?


I've bent down to a wheelchair user, now what?


Is this another crushing rejection or is she deaf?


They also put together a quiz so you can see how you act around those with disabilities. I was thrilled with my score but think I only scored well because of my work in recent years. 

Quiz: How awkward are you?

Scope deemed me the Ambassador of Cool. 

Scope deemed me the Ambassador of Cool. 

I'm thrilled that a disability organization put together a campaign that targets people who don't generally deal with those with disabilities. They'll be rolling out an online community soon, but in the meantime, spend a few minutes reading their support information for disabled people, families and professionals (working with someone who is disabled).