Living in Knoxville.

I am living in Knoxville this summer while my husband is completing a three-month program at Oak Ridge National Lab. Our primary home, in Johnson City, is one hour and 45 minutes away. We love to travel and visit Knoxville frequently for business, but this is the first time either of us have lived in Knoxville. 

We live downtown, so though we both have accomplished a lot professionally this week, we've also been able to do some really great things. Most of which were within walking distance of our temporary home in the Medical Arts Building.  A few highlights:

Missing the Iron & Wine and Wild Belle show

When Ariel and I walked to the movies we passed the Tennessee Theater as everyone was arriving for a show. I was curious about what they were going to see, but we were running late to the movie so I didn't explore. When we walked home after the movie I realized we'd missed the opportunity to see a show I would have really enjoyed: Iron &Wine and Wild Belle. I caught Wild Belle at Kings in Raleigh last fall and it was an enjoyable show. 

Music video by Wild Belle performing Another Girl. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Baseball game: University of Tennessee versus Morehead State

The game ended up being the longest game in school history!

And we won pizza! 

Lunch: Knoxville American Marketing Association

Besides the great networking, I heard Tennessee Tourism Commissioner Susan Whitaker speak about the campaigns she's created with VML and Designsensory to market the Volunteer State as the “Music Capital of the World.” 

One of the highlights of the conversation was hearing about the trackable plan VML is putting together to show the impact the tourism dollars have on the state. For example, they are creating commercials targeted to various markets and then tracking visitors to attractions. I'm a dork about this sort of tracking and plan on learning more about it. You can read an overview of the program here, I'll keep you posted as I learn more. 

If you're planning to visit me in Knoxville and/or Johnson City this summer, you can download your vacation guide here. Here's a promotional video for East TN:

With the amount of travel Ariel and I have done through TN, I feel like we could put on a campaign with just my Instagram feed

Since I walked to the luncheon, I spent some time relaxing (and working) in the World's Fair Park afterwards. 

 Cooling off by the "river" at the World's Fair Park in Knoxville. 

Cooling off by the "river" at the World's Fair Park in Knoxville. 

Meeting old friends IRL

I met Molly last year when I was working on my love letter campaign for North Carolina. Though she knew my sister and my oldest friend, Molly and I met IRL for the first time last night. 

We enjoyed catching up, talking about new projects and a little bit of Food porn. 

  Food Porn from the Knoxville Public House.  Fancy hot dogs. Yes, please. 

Food Porn from the Knoxville Public House. Fancy hot dogs. Yes, please. 

As a consultant who generally works remotely, I enjoy a lot of freedom in my location. This week proved to be relaxing and productive. This is the reason we live the freelance life.