Yes I voted. Sigh.

Today is election day in the US. I don’t always vote the party line, but lean heavily towards one party as it more frequently aligns with my social issues beliefs. I’m slightly informed and strongly opinionated but I’m not a political person. I don’t expect any one party to represent my views because they are all over the map.

Voting today was depressing. There are no options in Tennessee unless you are in one party. There were a smattering of partisan social issues on the ballot geared to bring out “the base;” the same issues we’ve been voting back and forth on for years.

The social issues give us the opportunity to tell our neighbors what they should or shouldn’t do. It’s presumptuous, overbearing and unnecessary. This back and forth is typical of the US. We want EVERYONE to have freedom as long as the freedom matches up with our core belief system, a core belief system that is usually outdated and populous so doesn’t really sound like any one individual.

I feel like a jaded Gen X-er with this post; willing to form an opinion, but not willing to get involved to change things. I believe democracy works, but it sure seems broken in the US. So, how do we change things?