Buffalo Mountain in Johnson City, Tennessee

The mountains surrounding Johnson City were the first thing that welcomed me when I moved here. Buffalo Mountain is almost always visible as you navigate the city.

In our early years we passively appreciated the mountains observing them as we ran our errands, occasionally going out for a Saturday hike. Our infrequent hikes showed us that we have almost limitless options for hiking. The mountain ranges in the region flank us, reminding us of the uninhabited land in this region.

Now that I’ve been a resident for a few years I’m active participant in activities in the expansive mountains. I go hiking more frequently and do water sports in our beautiful lakes, surrounded by mountains.

I’ve been a resident of Johnson City for three years and wanted to create something to celebrate the city and the rich history of this region. I’m selling two stickers that I created to help others see the things I love about Johnson City. (Read about the second sticker.)

This Buffalo Mountain sticker is a reminder of how omnipresent the mountains are in our lives.


Visit the store to purchase one of these stickers. 

This view is from Girls Inc in downtown Johnson City. They’re an organization you should learn more about if you don’t know about them.


Johnson City Stickers

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