Beck through the years.

We listen to NPR every morning as we complete our morning routine. One day this week, I heard the familiar opening to Debra played under a promo.


I laughed thinking about how inappropriate the lyrics were to whatever they were promoting and then went on with my day. A bit later I heard the same promo again. This time I started thinking about how much I love Beck and all my memories that have Beck songs as a sound track.

Of course, the first time I heard Beck was in 1994 when Loser came out. I remember watching a news clip on him on MTV and thinking that the song was awesome. It was my song of the summer; my last summer before going to college.


I payed attention to Beck through college and purchased "Odelay." I still liked him and listened to him on occasion.

In 1999 Beck came out with "Midnight Vultures." Of course I liked Debra and Peaches and Cream and but the real thrill was This is My Crew, the B side to the Sexx Laws single. This is My Crew is a badass song that stayed on repeat on my CD Walkman while I was riding around on the subway. I liked to pretend Beck was singing about my badass gaggle of friends. (There was nothing badass about us.)


n 2002 Beck release "Sea Change," an album he recorded after a painful break-up. New York was a somber place in 2001 and 2002. In 2002 I decided to move back to North Carolina to pursue a relationship. "Sea Change" became the soundtrack to my break-up with the city.


When I moved away I left Beck behind and didn’t think about him much for several years. He wasn’t recording as much. I was busy with work and wasn’t paying as much attention to new releases when I was listening to music.

In 2012 I saw the recording Beck did with St Vincent, Liars and Os Mutantes of the INXS, "Kick" album. It’s incredible. I like to remind people it exists. 


It’s just the type of thing that may make you want to revisit the catalog of all the musicians involved.