I love sick days. You can stay on the couch all day watching movies and eating Bojangles because it makes you feel better. I take one or two sick days a year. These sick days come when I am not sick so I can catch up and be me.

But, every once in a while, you have a real sick day. One where you are actually sick. I’m on a real sick day today. I have a cough, I feel puny, I’ve been sleeping all day and activities that would usually get me fired up with energy have taken a toll on me.

It’s a mild cold, one that will be gone in a day or two if I take it easy but taking it easy does not come naturally to me. I had to cancel a trip. I had to rearrange plans. I had to back out of things I had planned.

I’d like to go on about how this feeling is a by-product of our culture, the Protestant work ethic, my entrepreneurial spirit, my love for experimentation but I just don’t feel like it.

Magic Mike just isn’t the same when you’re sick.