From gluttony to quiet reflection.

Yesterday was Halloween. Today we have our first snow.

The 8 year-old me would be be exploding with excitement. The 38 year-old me is pretty excited.


Ariel is on a work-trip and I decided to stay home and pass out candy to trick or treaters. I set myself up for an in-home Halloween vacation. I watched scary movies, ate gobs of candy and pizza and slept in the guest room of our house. I lived the life every 8 year-old desires.

Quiet reflection and repair.

I have a candy hangover, a long to-do list and plans to walk my dog in the big fluffy snow surrounding our little house. I’ll have another in-home vacation today it’ll just be the vacation the 38 year-old me enjoys; I’ll eat my vegetables, pay bills, organize my house, listen to loud music and savor the solitude that comes with a snowstorm and an empty house.

It seems fitting my first 30x30 day would be a snow day. It’s been a big year. I’ve never felt so set up for success.