On Medium.

I've been blogging on Medium for a few months now. Medium's editing tool is innovative and easy to use. They provide up-to-the minute analytics, are seamlessly integrated with Twitter and provide the ability to comment on articles in-line. It's an innovative site and I've enjoyed being a part of the beta. 

Here's a look at the topics I've covered over the past eight months.

It's fun to see how much group blogging has evolved since the days of our old lunch blog (#hilarious). 

Because I've been blogging on VirginiaIngram.com and Medium at the same time, I've developed a content strategy for when an article should go on Medium and when it should go on VirginiaIngram.com. 

For VirginiaIngram.com. This website is my primary hub for all content. I have four core categories I write about on a regular basis. These topics are all related to my work. Articles on VirginiaIngram.com that get a significant amount of attention may get a rewrite and added to Medium. 

My four core categories: 

For Medium. Topics that have universal appeal and/or fit outside of my normal topics. The articles about North Carolina fit in this category. 

If you're blogging on two different sites, I would love to hear about your content strategy.