Dan Deacon has ruined me for songs that sound like they were sung by cats.

As we head into Hopscotch week, I feel comfortable making such a bold statement. After all, Dan Deacon totally KILLED it at a show during Hopscotch last year.  

The internet loves cats and you are totally on the internet reading this article, so deduce you must LOVE cats. I present you three songs that sound like they were sung by cats. Which one is your favorite? 

Choice 1: Grimes, "Oblivion"  


Choice 2: Vampire Weekend, "Ya Hey"

Choice 3: Dan Deacon, "Crystal Cat"

Choice 4: Write in your favorite.

Do you have a cat song you like more than these three? ? While you're thinking, I present to you a bonus video. 

Bonus video: "Oblivion" performed by Keyboard Cat.  

I am preparing for the onslaught of new bands and the big Hopscotch party throughout downtown Raleigh. Perhaps I'll see you there. But in the meantime, leave your FAVORITE CAT SONG choice in the comments. 


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