Music: Daft Punk

Over the weekend Daft Punk previewed a song from their new album at Coachella.

After the preview, I am enthusiastically anticipating the release. I've even pre-ordered it on iTunes. y love for Daft Punk began with the release of Discovery. I believe it was the only thing I listened to the first six months it was out. I have a feeling the new album will be just as influential. 


Here's what I love:

  1. It is so funky and has that perfect balance of nostalgia and newness that Daft Punk is known for.
  2. Daft Punk flew into California for the Coachella festival -- not to perform but to sneak around backstage, anonymous without their robot suits, and to watch the world premiere of Random Access Memories' new teaser, which screened for the Indio masses. (as reported by The Guardian)
  3. All promotions for the album will through real-life experiences as they've demonstrated by previewing "Get Lucky" on Saturday Night Live and now Coachella.

Until May 17, I will be keeping an eye on