Cut/Paste/Grow SXSW mosaic is live

If you spent time with me at SXSW you heard me talk about the SXSW Create tent where people were creating a crowdsourced mosaic with genetically modified bacteria. Some super-smart scientist-artist-type folks have been playing with genetically engineered fluorescent K12 bacteria to make it safe enough for us to play with it. About 200 people played with flourescent bacteria to make the piece.  

This mosaic is a part of the Cut/Paste/Grow exhibit that is currently at the Observatory in Brooklyn. [read my take on the exhibit here]

Big props to Karen, Wythe, Dan and Grace (whose birthday is today!) for getting this piece together. f you're in Brooklyn between now and May 11, I highly recommend visiting the Cut/Paste/Grow exhibit that this is a part of. 

Can you guess which one is mine? It's fairly obvious.

Unicorn mosaic from SXSW Create. 

Unicorn mosaic from SXSW Create.