Cave Taureau Wines in New York Times

Cave Taureau Wines

Cave Taureau Wines

Cave Taureau Wines was prominently featured in a New York Times article about wine and food in the Triangle region of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill).

Noel Sherr, the proprietor of the store, has impeccable taste and takes time to ensure every bottle sold in his store is up to his high standards

Located in Durham, NC (the Bull City), Cave Taureau (pronounced Kav-2-Row) is French for The Bull's Cellar. They focus on wine and provide local delivery, e-commerce and out-of-state shipping.

Cave Taureau Wines was one of the very first clients for Virginia Ingram and Associates. I worked with the extremely talented Cave Taureau team to determine the branding and identity, online positioning, social media strategy and communication partners. I also worked with the talented Marie Sherr to define the store experience.  

If you are ever in Durham, NC, I highly recommend you make a trip to Cave Taureau. The many bottles I have purchased have been happily consumed. :)

Congratulations to Noel, Marie, Nathan and Wes and all the other fabulous wine and restaurant people who contribute to such a vibrant culture in the Triangle.