Today is Easter and I am spending the holiday away from my family. For the Ingram family food is a big part of all holidays. My mom is a caterer and a great chef and we have had many internationals in our house for extended periods of time. We often spend holidays sharing different types of cuisine and learning about food that is served at holidays. Today I shared my Easter supper with Brazilian and Cuban friends in Miami. 

Tomorrow is my turn to cook and I am making some Southern specialties: lemon chicken, buttermilk peach cobbler and tomato aspic.

It is rare to come to a holiday at the Ingram household and not get a plate of tomato aspic presented to you.

What is tomato aspic? It's basically a congealed bloody mary (minus the vodka). Pretty much everyone that tries it hates it, but it is a die-hard Ingram family tradition and it appears at pretty much every holiday meal. I'm not expecting my new friends to like it, but I am happy to share a tradition with them. At least I am certain they'll like the cobbler. 

Here's the tomato aspic recipe, in case you are inclined to try it (though I have NEVER put carrots in it) and a bit of history about aspics (savory gelatin salads) in general. 

 My tomato aspic

My tomato aspic