I had the pleasure of spending a big chunk of time at the Create Tent at SXSW with some of the folks who put together the Cut/Paste/Grow exhibit at Observatory. At SXSW we created a crowd-sourced bio-art mosaic of a unicorn (which will be ready soon).

The Cut/Paste/Grow exhibit is now open in Brooklyn. The exhibit at the Observatory howcases bio-artists from around the world. The exhibit is curated by Dan from Genspace, Wythe from Observatory and William Myers who wrote BioDesign, a book published through the MoMA. 

  few questions the exhibit asks:

  • ill be able to create genetically modified creatures who can live on other entities in our galaxy?
  • Can insects usefully answer questions and tell us what to do or say?
  • Can flora and fauna be combined in one organism and flourish?

    And my favorite:
  • What happens when you know your genetic predispositions? How does that change familial relationships and how you live your life?

This is something I have pondered but never explored as we have family members who want to know, and those who do not. What does it mean when we do not know this information, but insurance companies and healthcare providers do and treat us accordingly? 

The exhibit will be up until May 11, 2013 and there are workshops between now and then. Stop by and visit and let Karen, Dan, Grace and Wythe know what you think.